Kent is a quiet person.

Isn't there anyone you know?

He looked the toughest of all the challengers.

Willie is a well-respected man.

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It appears that I was wrong about that.


Everywhere you look you can see young couples kissing.

Evan is the perfect guy for me.

It sounds strange, but it's true.


You should never aim a laser pointer at an airplane or helicopter.

Terry is showing his wound.

I have an eight-year-old daughter.

People talk a lot about social networks these days.

My favourite word in German is the word 'Handschuhe'.


You know exactly what she's talking about.

Liisa has the run of her friend's flat.

I got my right leg hurt in the accident.

"Who sees variety and not the unity wanders on from death to death", state the Upanishads.

What crime did you commit?

You're no longer allowed to speak.

Hey, what's happening?

Why is your cat so big?

A firewall will guarantee Internet security.

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Sit down for a second.

I didn't want to disappoint my parents.

I just want the truth.

The hostages appear to be OK.

Merton told me his father was pretty good at playing the guitar.

I'm going to lose my job.

You're hardly ever here anymore.

Russia signed its own peace treaty with Germany.

Rainer passed away last week.

I'm cooking now.

Even though her vet told her not to, she continued to feed her dog raw vegetables.


They built the ship in accordance with the plans.

So now it's my turn.

Don't listen to him!

Are you getting much out of that book?

Are you scared now?

Is there a hospital near here?

Kamiya went to the counter and bought us both a drink.

Come here and help me.

I enquired of a passer-by which road to take.

I'll get to it in the morning.

My boyfriend doesn't love me.


He sent me a letter saying that he'd arrive at ten tomorrow morning.

It is quiet here at night.

She always urges him to try new things.

Kathy asked several people the same question.

That fighter plane dropped a bomb.

The colour and make of the president's car are?

Strictly speaking, you are not right.


His eyes filled with tears.

I don't have to go-I want to go.

I wasn't the one who told Brender to do that.


She made fun of my acne.

You think I don't know what's going on?

This hotel has accommodations for 1000 guests.

I felt very safe.

I should've kissed Joyce.


Jin handed Coleen her purse.

This book costs 3,000 yen.

He made heaps of money by ripping off naive suckers.

There was nothing for it but to tolerate it.

No one was game to say anything after the boss's tirade at the staff meeting.

You... You have a nose... err... a very big nose.

I'm the one who stole the painting.

You'll learn a lot here.

Of the floor, sticky from the party, one said, "Flock it."

Dion and I need to talk.

He succeeded by dint of effort.

It is highly improper.

This camel is so tame that anyone can ride it.

I think it's much better now.

Moran is looking at the problem.

The lawyer has a lot of wealthy clients.

Hirotoshi decided not to go with us.

Do you think it gives me pleasure to not have time to look after my children?

If you're pretty, but single, then you're not pretty.

I thought it was cool.

My family welcomed my new boyfriend into their home with open arms.

Jess spoke French better than I expected.

Brodie isn't so confident.


I thought you were in Boston with Beth.

I'll be the one who has to tell Hamilton, not you.

I definitely want to get acquainted with Pim. I think she is very likeable.

"What's the matter?" "I can't find my keys." "Which ones?" "My bicycle ones."

Thanks to him giving me a hand, I was able to finish the work.

I don't want you getting hurt because of me.

The nurse gave you a sedative.


I forgot to water the flowers.

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Pierre was blindfolded.

Our children all go to the local school.

You can't do this to him.

The Web is a gigantic, dynamic document.

The food was terrible, but I did not complain.

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Sand is hot.

Maybe I overdid it.

Look at what you've done. Are you happy?

Business is brisk now and we are up to the elbows in orders.

This squirrel has a nut allergy.

Drying the washing on a fine day in the rainy season; I felt like it was already summer.

He would serve a number of years.


I want to leave today.


Could I get you something?

I'll let them know.

I'm just as busy as ever.

You found a job, didn't you?

Hartmann offered Elvis a drink of water, but she refused.

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Would Blair really want to do that?

So, have you told them yet?

Who would want her dead?

Why do you think?

Travel the world!

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The future looks promising.

Dimitry slept with his clothes on.

Did Jordan tell you that she thinks Hui and me are dating?


The snow is letting up.

This isn't my opinion, it's just what I've translated.

The content of his speech was interesting.

The book that I bought is on the table.

Roberta has only thirty dollars in his wallet.

Some students seem to have forgotten to do their homework.

I never worked with him.

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I don't expect help.

Ariel said he doesn't know Ann's phone number.

Meehan waited outside in the pouring rain for over an hour.

My grandmother's death was a big shock.

Turkey has passed very important reform packages in Parliament during the European Union (EU) process.


He is in the money.

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To read a lot of books is a good thing.


We'll work on this tomorrow.

The pioneers overcame a set of obstacles.

Japanese women get married at 25 on average.


I've been going through Sugih's notebooks.

When was the last time you killed a mouse?

Had it not been for your cooperation, I could not have finished the work in time.

Russell is not the only author of Principia Mathematica.

Only a few drops of rain have fallen.


Felicja's mother is a Polish of Romanian origin.

Klaus said that he was hungry.

Hugh sat down next to Lawrence and they smiled at each other.

How did Kusum get away?

The people he is living with in London are coming to see me.


She didn't try to help him once.


The same cause often gives rise to different effects.

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Laurel was overcome with jealousy.

Do you think Ilya had something to do with this?

It was creepy.

It is necessary for you to help her.

By and large, your idea is a good one.

We were up all night.

That child has a very large head.

Why didn't you tell me about Page?

The officer blamed him for neglecting his duty.

"But I just did. I came here to tell you." "Me? Am I supposed to put a stop to Lord Pinku Reiga, mightiest of the Four Weepy Lords, slayer of some 320 men, destroyer of the imperial wheelchairs?!"

I don't think you want to know the answer.

I have finished.

I would really like to help you, but my hands are tied.

I don't have to go to school tomorrow.

Ken didn't look sick.


I thought he was joking.

Luc had bruises all over his body.

I wish I could get Erick to show me how to do that.


No pain, all gain.

I'm sure we'll be safe here.

You are to stay here till they return.

She did a great deal of work.

"This is what I was looking for!" he exclaimed.


This steak is very juicy.